Dr. Oz and Oprah Winfrey assist in views about Antiaging Products, Cure Wrinkles, Skincare Remedies


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The Dr. Oz TV Show and other talk show personalities like Oprah, most likely the most successful talk show host of our time, often if not daily help us out with important information and views on a variety of popular topics.  This short article will refer soley and briefly about skincare and those nasty wrinkles that creep up on us as we age.  Is there really such a thing as the “best anti-aging products” on the market today that satisfy our need?  What is lipoic acid and is it important to have this as an active ingredient in the products we buy to stop the aging process?


Lipoic acid for me is very difficult to explain.  Maybe Dr. Oz and Oprah find the words more easily but for most of us, well, we search for the words as best as we can.  Here is my simplified version….Lipoic Acid was originally known to have potential as an antioxidant.  When I say originally, I mean back in the late 50’s and even though the potential was noticed, LA (Lipoic acid) was used as a preservative for lard and cooking oils.  As its benefits for keeping good health and its use to restore the less healthy became more important to the public, the Pharmaceutical companies as usual came to our rescue to get LA on the market.  Today LA is used in a number of anti aging products since it is believed to act as an anti aging agent in multiple ways.


Folks, as promised I will keep this article brief and to the point since I am not Dr. Oz and I am not Oprah, although I do struggle with body size like her….I don’t mean that in a bad way :)  The following are some pointers I learned while doing my research on skincare, anti-aging and wrinkles remedies.  Please do your own homework on this subject and seek proper professional advice:


Lipoic acid

LA may have another added benefit and that is, it may regenerate or for a better term, recycle other antioxidants found which in turn elevates their effectiveness and value to the anti aging process.  In addition, the overflow of glucose in a body may lead to undesired aging outcomes and Lipoic Acid can help to negate that process.


Melatonin is usually a solution for a persons insomnia problem.  However, it is also considered as a hormone that also works very well to aid anti-aging.  It has shown antioxidant activness when a higher treatment dose is allowed which amount would be more than its usual call for sleepless nights.


Dr. Oz and Oprah refer to this term in a lot more detail.  This is naturally found in red wine, grapes and blueberries and in conjunction with aiding the anti aging process, it also lowers the risk of heart disease.  How on earth does Resveratrol assist us in this way you ask?  The antioxidants found here are strong making them extremely helpful in keeping us young and our cholesterol in some form of check.  Some authorities even believe in using it as a prevention of certain cancers.

Human beings have always strived to look good and feel good too.  There are so many lotions and potions and remedies and solutions out there, it can be baffling to our mids and thoughts.  I think I just felt another wrinkle addition to my face as I ponder that last sentence :( .  In the end and as usual, please consult a professional that you trust and I don’t mean your late night infomercials!  Get that due diligence done right and then go ahead and make your decisions that will ultimately lead to what you desire to accomplish with your aging or I should say, anti-aging.  Aging and wrinkles are just part of life and maybe the attitude should be to welcome the natural process instead of fighting it.  Hey, what the heck am I saying?  No way!  I want to look young forever or maybe just as good as Dr. Oz and Oprah do on their afternoon talk shows :)   Good luck!


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